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    - Nikki Haskell

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STAR SHAPE DIET SYSTEM, a dietary supplement. Two Star Shape capsules a day will help you burn calories, and give you energy. One bottle of Star Shape is a 21 day supply, which contains a proprietary blend of Caffeine, White Kidney Bean extract and Chromium Picolinate. Included is the 21 day diet plan, tips on dieting, weekly diet blog, celebrity diet tips, STAR photos and a dieter's diary. Look Great, Feel Great, Get in Shape, with STAR SHAPE.

(Follow a low calorie diet and exercise moderately while taking Star Shape. Please consult your physician before ordering).

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Hi, I’m Nikki Haskell, StarShape® Diet Queen!

For the past 25 years, I have been dedicated to the diet and health industry. Knowing the great importance of exercise and always finding myself traveling and working, I found it difficult to sustain a healthy exercise regimen. That’s why I invented the StarCruncher, the first piece of sexy exercise equipment and the perfect way to get in shape and lose weight. This unique designer exercise belt will change your life forever. Take it with you wherever you go. It weighs less than one pound and works out your entire body. The StarCruncher Fitness in a Bag! is the newest and most exciting way to exercise. The StarCruncher is fun and easy to use. It helps in developing greater flexibility and strengthening the upper and lower body while also tightening your abdominal muscles and hitting all problem areas. The StarCruncher is also great for walking or dancing and can be used with any exercise program. You will get the best workout you’ve ever had! Your body will look better than it’s ever looked with half the effort, resulting in more stamina and energy.

The StarCruncher not only strengthens, but aligns and elongates the entire body for a slim and toned result. The belt is designed with special StarStretcher™ Resistance Cords that attach to the belt with “Wonder Woman-like” wrist and ankle cuffs. Because of the unique design of the belt and StarStretcher Resistance Cords, which create "time against tension” and the “no impact” workout, there is never any unnecessary strain or damage to your muscles and joints. Doctors and orthopedic specialists endorse the StarCruncher for the prevention of osteoporosis and rehabilitation. If you like Pilates, you'll love the StarCruncher. I promise that you will have more fun, feel better and actually enjoy exercising for the first time! Remember, no one can go on a diet or exercise for you!

Think slim and trim,

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